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  • ALERT: Avoid Transport Industry Fraud! CLICK HERE

    Internet fraud is a reality in our lives. The auto transport industry is not immune from its impact on people's lives and bank accounts.

    Specifically, we have uncovered a fraudulent or scam activity related to buying, selling and moving cars. Our discovery of this particular fraud came from individuals calling us on the phone who have been defrauded by a purported company with the same name as ours. We say "purported" simply because we have been unable to find any business registration or proper licensing with the Department of Transportation or in the state in which they claim to be doing business. The specific questionable website's address is globalautomover.ning.com (FYI -"ning" is a Software as a Service, SaaS, platform upon which people can build a website with little oversight). Some unknown individuals have used the "ning" platform to create a website to pose as a legitimate business. We are aware of several people who have been defrauded of thousands of dollars who referenced this website.

    To date we have filed complaints with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association, Ning and PayPal.

    Don't allow yourself to fall into such a trap.

    We highly recommend you verify the licensure and bonding of any broker before you do business with them. Follow this link http://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/CompanySnapshot.aspx to determine the validity of any Broker or Transporter. Select one of radio button for your search. USDOT number is the number on the side of trucks, MC/MX Number is the identifying number for Brokers and Name is the name of the company. Any legitimate company will provide you with the proper identification without hesitation. Once you click on your selection you will see a screen that, among other information, has the MC/MX/FF Numbers. Click on the underlined number and you then can link to specific details regarding Bonding including telephone numbers.

    If your contact to move your vehicle is NOT listed nor cannot or will not provide licensing information, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THAT ENTITY.

    For more information on the Auto Transport Industry, see our eBook – GLOBAL AUTO MOVERS, LLC.

    For more information on common internet fraud schemes go to http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud/internet_fraud.

    We look forward to serving you. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and transport needs

Our goal is to assist you in getting your domestic or international auto shipping needs fulfilled as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Our highly experienced staff is here to take care of all of your vehicle shipping needs. We are here M-F 8-5pm MST to answer any of your questions on how to ship a car. Free Estimate